Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Bird Rocks a Tropic White Rib Rocket

The Tropic White Rib Rocket by PaddleAir is put to great use by Bird on the sunny shores of Southern California in these photos by Michael Sangiolo.

Bird and front of Rib Rocket, photo by Michael SangioloBird and back of Rib Rocket, photo by Michael Sangiolo

Bird in Tropic White Rib Rocket, photo by Michael Sangiolo

Bird in Tropic White Rib Rocket on wave, photo by Michael Sangiolo
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Surfer Bird is the owner of Bird's Surf Shed -- a unique surf shop located in an 1,800 square foot Quonset hut at 1091 Morena Blvd, San Diego, CA 92110. In addition to selling surfboards, surf gear and accessories, they also hold a variety of events on the floor of the shed.
Bird and Bird's Surf Shed
Rib Rocket by PaddleAir
The Rib Rocket by PaddleAir comes in two styles:  The Tropic White pictured on Bird and the Rib Rocket Black Vest. Both are essential surf wear for surf travel and out-of-wetsuit surf sessions. 

They provide added impact protection for upper torso and the tread-like design provides positive gripping contact for stable takeoffs from surfboard and help relieve rib pain for "Pure Rib Pleasure." They're light-weight and easy to use. Learn more here.

Tropic White Rib Rocket by PaddleAir

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Get a Rib Rocket at Hanalei Surf Company

PaddleAir sends a big aloha to our latest dealer in Hawaii on the beautiful island of Kauai: The Hanalei Surf Company. Now, locals and visitors alike can get a Rib Rocket without a wait and experience a new boost in paddling and relief from rib pain immediately.

A visit to Hanalei Surf Company is not just a visit to a surf shop, but to part of the historic 1911 Old Hanalei School House (moved to its present location in 1990). In the shop you'll ..."find everything for the surfer and beachgoer, from surfboards to sunscreen and cutting edge surf fashions." They also have rentals and sponsor surf contests.

The main Hanalei Surf Company is located at:
5-5161 Kuhio Highway
Hanalei, HI 96714 (view on map).
tel: 808-826-9000
Visit their Facebook page.
Hanalei Surf Company Exterior

Hanalei Surf Company Interior

In addition, their Backdoor Store is located in the Ching Young Village Shopping Center in Hanalei.  They relate: "Backdoor specializes in cutting edge junior women's fashions, skating equipment, kids clothing and stuff, and men's trunks and aloha shirts."

The Backdoor Store

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

NEW: Rib Rocket Tropic White Vest

Rib Rocket by PaddleAir
PaddleAir introduces its latest addition to the popular black Rib Rocket vest -- The Rib Rocket Lycra/Neoprene Tropic White/Gray Vest.

It has all the same great features of the black vest, but in light, tropic-friendly shades. The back is of the vest is white to reflect the sunlight and keep you cooler.  The foam-padded front is a pale gray that also reflects the heat and masks surface dirt.

The Rib Rocket Lycra/Neoprene Tropic White/Gray Vest by PaddleAir

Not surfing in sunny and warm waters?  Then you can easily slip the Rib Rocket Lycra/Neoprene Tropic White/Gray Vest over your wetsuit.  It provides the same rib-protecting benefits and makes you more visible in the water under overcast skies.

Read more about the benefits of a Rib Rocket hereGet your Rib Rocket vest in either color here.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Visit PaddleAir at The Boardroom in Santa Cruz

It's time again for The Boardroom International Surfboard  Show (formerly Sacred Craft).  This year the show moves to Santa Cruz in Northern California.  And, once again PaddleAir will be there.

Stop by booth #605, meet PaddleAir founder, Dave Hilts ,and check out the latest Ergos and the new Rib Rocket.  Try them on, ask questions and learn how they can help you paddle stronger, surf longer, and experience pure rib pleasure.

The Boardroom and PaddleAir Booth Number
The show is being held on Saturday and Sunday, October 8-9, 2016 at the Kaiser Permanente Arena, located here on the map -- just a few blocks from Santa Cruz Beach.  Once there, find PaddleAir inside the arena as indicated below.PaddleAir Booth at The Boardroom
Learn more about The Boardroom International Surfboard Show here.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Byron Bay Longboards Now Surf Central Byron Bay

Old Byron Bay Longboards Logo
PaddleAir is stoked to announce that our long-time Australian dealer, Byron Bay Longboards, has updated its name to Surf Central Byron Bay.

They are still at the same central Byron Bay location and have the same phone number:
Surf Central Byron Bay
                   1/89 Jonson Street
                   Byron Bay, NSW 2481
                   view on map
                   tel: 02-66855244

With the name change comes a new Surf Central Byron Bay website at and a new e-mail address:

In addition, Surf Central Byron Bay is building their social media following on
Facebook and Twitter.

Although their new website is in the process of being complete, Surf Central Byron Bay promises that they remain a classic surf shop:
Surf Central prides ourself [sic] on retaining a classic surf shop feel and mentality and stay away from the up market trend type shops.
We are surfers and focus on supplying products for surfers first and foremost from the grommet to the older rippers.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

PaddleAir Ergo is Awsome: A Testimonial

Dear David,

Three weeks prior to my trip to Nicaragua I bruised the left side of my ribs pretty seriously. To the point I had them x-rayed to make sure they were not broken. This injury really put my trip in jeopardy. The Ergo works, period!

After I was injured, I was completely stressed I had turned my surf trip into a fishing trip. By doing some research, I came across the Ergo and immediately went to Bird's Surf Shed to buy one. Bird had nothing but great things to say about the Ergo because he had used it on a surf trip with a cracked rib and it saved his trip.

I've had injured ribs in the past and can say even if they feel better, paddling on a surfboard can easily re-injure them setting your healing back weeks. During this recent injury I had to stay out of the water for the three weeks doing hot and cold compresses 5 to 10 times a day, just so I could have a chance at surfing.

It was the moment of truth when I got down there. Without a doubt, had I not had the Ergo, there would have been no way I could have surfed more than 20 minutes without re-injuring myself. Instead, I surfed 2 to 3 times a day for several hours each day. So thank you for your inventiveness and ingenuity. It really saved my trip.

I also have to tell you everyone I ran into was very curious about what I was wearing. Most thought it was for floatation, but once I explained what it was they were really intrigued by it. The surf instructors mentioned how a lot of beginners get sore ribs after day one and need some time out of the water before they can do it again. They were all interested in getting a few for their camps, so people could spend more time in the water. If you haven't already, get in touch with some surf camps and maybe you could move a few more units.

Thanks again your newly satisfied customer.


San Diego, CA

Mike Surfing in an Ergo by PaddleAir

Get your own Ergo from your local surf shop or online at

Discover more about the benefits of the Ergo by PaddleAir in this video highlighting research by the California State University San Marcos Kinesiology Department: