Monday, November 22, 2004

No More Sore Back, Ribs or Neck with PaddleAir

Bing Copeland, the legendary surfer and shaper offers his take on the PaddleAir Outsider. The photo is of Bing, his boards and dune buggy, on the sandy beaches of Baja California. Bing writes:
I've been surfing since 1949 and for the last five years I've been spending my winters surfing in Baja. At 68 years old, paddling out is really a chore. I find at my age keeping my head up while prone paddling has become very difficult. When I saw the ad for PaddleAir in Long Board magazine I knew I had to try one.  
Let me tell you, PaddleAir works great for me. It's easy to adjust the air, I use more air for a long paddle out and just a little for catching waves. No more sore back, ribs or neck. I would highly recommend PaddleAir for anyone who wants to make paddling easier.
Bing Copeland in a PaddleAir Outsider

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