Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dinner with the Stars

Call me a cynic. I just read where the good folks at the Surfing Heritage Foundation are hosting a celebrity dinner featuring Stacy Peralta and Sam George limited to 12 guests at $500 a plate!
I don’t know about you, but I’m not sure any real surfers are going to pay $500 a plate to chow down with anyone. Don’t get me wrong I admire Peralta and George for what they’ve accomplished—Riding Giants, Dogtown and Z-boys, etc.— but I can’t imagine what the guys at Heritage were thinking when they put this together. Wouldn’t a viewing of clips and comments from the celebs for a couple of hundred people be a better idea? Sell tickets for $25 bucks and everyone goes home a happy.
An exclusive dinner at $500 a plate is just not consistent with my view of surfing culture! Anyway, I wish Heritage all the best with this “once in a lifetime opportunity,” but I’d rather share a hot dog around the fire ring with them after a good surf. Maybe I’m not so cynical after all.
 -- posted by Herb Torrens

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