Friday, February 18, 2011

Frog House Could Croak

Leave it to the geniuses in Newport to piss off the surf community. I can say that with conviction because I'm a Newport guy. I was there when they passed an ordinance that made us all have licenses for our boards. Idiots!

Now they're at it again. A pending zoning change could put a surf shop, The Frog House, out of business after nearly 50 years of serving the surfing public in Newport Beach, California.
The Frog House

The Frog House is a classic throwback with a full line of real surf stuff--including our PaddleAir and Ergo -- and of course a crew of smart ass clerks who are happy to serve you as long as you can take a little ribbing. They are like those guys in the move High Fidelity.

Anyway, there's a Facebook page to help support TK and the crew at the Frog House. Hopefully, the geniuses on the city council will figure out that Coast Highway is not a residential zone. Keep hopping!

 -- posted by Herb Torrens

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  1. I meant to say the movie "High Fidelity." And they really are good guys, just love having fun.