Thursday, July 7, 2011

Rib Cage Pain Relief with ERGO

Rib Cage Pain is Part of the Game
…but not if you have ERGO!
It’s summertime up here north of the Equator and that means south swells, sunshine and surf for the masses. Yeah, I know, the surf really is better in the winter, but hell how can you argue with warm water and chest-high dinkers?
Truth is…most of us surf more in the summer and that means more interaction with sore muscles, rash problems and for a lot of us…rib cage problems. That’s where PaddleAir ERGO comes to the rescue. There’s nothing like a shout-out from the front lines to prove our point; like the one here from young Cliff McKittrick.
Dear Paddleair,

I just want to thank you for such a tremendous product. I recently purchased the ergo model for Father’s Day. I injured my Xiphoid process (part of the lower ribs) while surfing about two years ago. After a session I would re-injure the old wound and suffer pain for up to five days after. My doctor said basically to live with it and lay off surfing. I could not drop the sport that I grew up loving though. I looked around the internet and found you guys on a surfing forum. Apparently other guys share my problem. Thank God! After two long sessions on my fish I have experienced no pain, plus I can paddle into a wave like I'm 18 again. I am one happy customer.

Cliff McKittrick
Camden, SC
Age 36
Thanks Cliff, we’ll keep cranking them out so folks like you (and me!) can surf longer and paddle stronger.
Herb Torrens

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