Monday, September 12, 2011

"The Dame [sic] Thing Worked!"

One of the best things about working with PaddleAir is to hear from those who have been helped by our product. When Dave (founder Dave Hilts) was working with inner tubes and glue in his garage, he had one thing in mind: relieve the body strain and pain from paddling. And despite my personal skepticism, he pulled it off. PaddleAir and ERGO do relieve the lower back pain and ribcage pain from paddling. Here's a nice letter from a user in Ireland.
My new Ergo crossed a continent and an ocean to get to me. Its voyage was not in vain. I was contemplating surfing retirement at 47. My lower ribs were saying no more and go sit by the fire and bore people with tales of waves and what might have been.
The dame thing worked. The pain was localised in the lower ribs, a classic surfer injury of the intercostal muscle, the Ergo solved it and reoccurrence of injury will not occur.
It meant a lot to me because I have 2 kids whom I could not accompany into the waves without a solution. Now I get to see them surf rings around me as I decline and they advance.
Thank you Mister Hilts and best regards from the west coast of Ireland where we get some of the most powerful waves breaking anywhere on the planet."

Mick Kelly on the West Coast of Ireland
Mike Kelly and Sons on the West Coast of Ireland

Thanks Mick.

 -- posted by Herb Torrens

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