Monday, October 10, 2011

Moms Make it Real

PaddleAir booth before the crowds
Wow! Had a great weekend at the Sacred Craft Surf Expo in Del Mar. So many great folks stopped by the booth: Sam George, John Peck, L.J. Richards, Chris Ahrens, Wingnut, Ben Aipa, Gregory Harrison and more. A virtual cavalcade of surf culture. So many good stories, and memories.
Sacred Craft Consumer Surfboad Expo

With all that great interaction with the guys, it was one little older lady that left a most lasting impression on me. I saw her looking at the photos, and reading our testimonials so I walked up and asked if I could explain the product to her. She was rather quiet and unassuming, not what I'd call a surfer-looking type of person, but she seemed interested so I showed her ERGO and told her about how it helps with rib-cage pain, and how it relieves muscle tension in the lower back and in the neck.

She just listened and nodded and continued to read the testimonials while I talked. She seemed somber, but asked me about how it could put less strain on the neck. I showed her some illustrations showing how it relieves the strain of looking upward. She was interested and finally she said that her son is recovering from a severe neck injury and how this may help him get back in the water. The way she said it moved me. I gave her a card and said we'd help get her one for her son. She thanked me, and said "I just want to get him back in the water."

Man, that stays with me. With all the stuff going on in the world and in our lives, the one thing that makes it all real...just get me back in the water. Moms make it real.

 -- posted by Herb Torrens

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