Friday, December 7, 2012

PaddleAir Ergo Helps a Sore Back

Sore ribs from surfing, rib cage pain,and surfer bumps are just some of the problems that are helped by using a PaddleAir product. This testimonial relates how a PaddleAir Ergo relieved a surfer's aching back pain so that he could paddle stronger and surf longer.
I was a bit skeptical about trying the Ergo, but like many of the aging surfers commenting on your product, my surf sessions kept getting shorter and time between sessions longer. This was mainly due to a sore back, not problems with aching ribs.

I bought my Ergo at Infinity [Surfboard Co.]** in Dana Point and have been using it for about 6 weeks. The bottom line is that this item works as billed. The trick for me is to remember not to arch my back and just relax, the Ergo does the work.

After 40 years in the water it takes a little time to avoid the muscle memory and not automatically arch your back at soon as you start paddling. Now that I've trained myself to relax my back the Ergo is working even more effectively. I had a two hour session at Church this weekend and could have done more. Thanks for a great product that works.

Rae Newton, Capistrano Beach, CA
**You can stop in to Infinity at 24382 Del Prado, Dana Point, CA 92629


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