Monday, September 30, 2013

Benefits of Ergo: A Doctor's Testimonial

It's always great to get unsolicited reviews of our PaddleAir Ergo. The testimonial below highlights many of the physical benefits that you can reap by using an Ergo while you surf.
Athletes that participate in sports that require prolonged and/or repeated spinal extension have increased risk of developing back and neck pain. The Ergo is a rash guard that has a user-controlled inflatable bladder designed to protect the ribcage and ease the strain placed upon the back and neck while surfing.

With a traditional surfing position, the surfer is required to hyperextend the back and neck for appropriate paddling strength and visibility. Actively extending the spine stiffens the muscles in the neck and back while placing stress on the joints of the spine. Furthermore, repeated hard contact with the surfboard compresses the ribcage and chest muscles. The Ergo reduces the strain placed on the body by elevating the rib cage passively. This allows the muscles to be placed in a more relaxed position, increasing the available energy to the chest muscles and allowing for more efficient paddling.

Through the use of the Ergo, a novice or advanced surfer will notice an immediate benefit to both the efficiency of their paddling and the reduction in irritation/strain on the rib cage and spine. As a Chiropractor specializing in soft tissue trauma, I would highly encourage you to evaluate the level of importance surfing holds in your life. The addition of the Ergo is the easiest and least expensive option that will allow for more time in the surf today and tomorrow.

All the Best,

Dr. Shaun Wiebe-Bailey D.C.

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