Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Get a PaddleAir Ergo at Surf Garage in Honolulu

One of the great things about having a booth at an international surfboard show such as The Boardroom (formerly Sacred Craft is not only meeting fellow surfers, but getting the opportunity to interact with those that make our sport possible by providing surfers with local surf shops to see, try and buy the latest boards and gear.
Surf Garage Honolulu, Hawaii

Toru Yamaguchi, of the Surf Garage in Honolulu, Hawaii is just one of those surf shop owners who traveled to the Mainland and stopped by the PaddleAir Ergo booth at The Boardroom in Del Mar. He liked what he saw, and will now carry PaddleAir Ergo in has shop. This will give locals and visitors alike the opportunity to get a PaddleAir Ergo on the spot -- a really great feature for vacationing surfers who discover that their sore ribs and straining backs will spoil their holiday without the immediate relief of a PaddleAir.

The Surf Garage has been around since the turn-of-the-century and Toru and the shop have had an active role in connecting Japanese and Hawaiian surfers (and helping the Tsunami relief efforts).  He and the store were featured by "Free Surf Magazine," where they wrote:
Just over a decade ago, Toru Yamaguchi had a vision to bridge a divide he saw between visiting Japanese and local surfers. With roots in both Japan and Hawaii, Toru found himself in an optimum position to act as an ambassador between the two cultures.
         -- "Pau Hana - Found in Translation" -- November 2011
Toru Yamaguchi and the Surf Garage in Free Surf Magazine

Of course, Toru and the Surf Garage, with their full-feature surf shop, now brings together surfers from around the globe .  So the next time your in Hawaii visit them at:
2716 South King Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 96826 -- or call 1-808-951-1173
Learn more about the Surf Garage from their website, Facebook, Twitter, and their videos.

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