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Surfing Life's Nick Carroll: 'Ergo, It Works'

Surfing Life
PaddleAir may have it's roots in Southern California, but it's renown among surfers extends across the globe.  For example, we recently got a copy of a 'Surfing Life' column by Nick Carroll published in Australia's "Pittwater Life Magazine." Nick is not only a surfer, author, filmmaker, but also features editor for "Surfing Life."

Nick Carroll
In his June 2014 column titled,  'Don't tell us -- Surfing's maturing,' Nick opines about the demographics of Australia's surfing population.  He concludes with a nifty review of a PaddleAir Ergo, heading the review it a positive, "Ergo: It Works." Below is the text of his observations.  A link to the PDF of the entire article is also given at the end. 
A couple of weeks ago, Mona Vales’s long serving boardmaker Ron Wade came to see us with a new product he’s sourced from a US surf inventor. 
The Ergo PaddleAir looks at first just like most rashie type vests, except for a small tube encased on one side.

Hmm, we wondered, what’s this? Turns out the Ergo vest can be inflated slightly across the midsection, just around the baseline of the ribcage.

The idea being, according to Ergo’s doctor’s testimonial, that strain on the back and neck muscles during paddling is relieved, and paddling suddenly becomes a fair bit easier.

We borrowed an Ergo from Ron, took it for a spin and to our mild amazement it actually works!

PaddleAir Ergo Bali Green Vest
The inflating bit feels like padding under the ribs, and it lifts your upper body clear of the board – just far enough so that you feel like you’re paddling slightly downhill without the irritation of a hyperextended lower back and neck.

You can control the angle easily to suit through inflating and deflating, using the attached tube

The Ergo probably isn’t for highly competent surfers who’ve already developed effective paddling styles. And as the literature states, it’s not a lifesaving device.

But for anyone who struggles with neck and lower back pain during or after surfing, or who’s starting out in surfing at a slightly older and less flexible age (see – after 30), it could be a real help.
Read the Nick's entire 'Surfing Life' column in PDF format here.

Check out Dr.Shaun Wiebe-Bailey's testimonial mentioned in the column.

Learn more about Nick Carroll and his surfing achievements from the Encyclopedia of Surfing.

Last, you can order your own  PaddleAir Ergo (we ship worldwide) or find a surf shop in your area from

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