Sunday, April 26, 2015

Ergo by PaddleAir: The Secret Weapon

Surfer Steve from New Zealand sent us this unsolicited letter:
Hi Dave,
I’ve been meaning to get back to you about your vests for days. I bought your [PaddleAir] Ergo vest because it looked like a good fix for my sternum problem.
Well the sore sternum was history as soon as I paddled out: what I was completely unprepared for was how much the Ergo improved my paddling! I noticed straight away how early I was getting into waves (on a 5’ 8” hybrid). I had noticeably more paddling speed and definitely more paddle power.
A guy I know paddled up to me and said “That little board of yours is working really good for you” I said thanks but what I really felt like saying was “It ain’t the board mate -- it’s the vest!
Well after 3 surfs, one in pretty solid overhead and rippy conditions on the same 5’ 8”, I have to say the Ergo is a secret weapon, it’s so good I feel like I’m cheating! And I’m only half as tired after a surf!
Thanks again Dave, you are a genius!
Steve B. Senior Producer | Current Affairs
Short boarding or long boarding Ergo will give you the edge you need to catch more waves. We guaranteed it!

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