Friday, May 20, 2016

Introducing the Rib Rocket by PaddleAir

Since 2004 PaddleAir Products Inc. has been providing surfers with specialty sportswear designed for making prone paddling easy, comfortable and at the same time enhancing paddling performance.

Our product line, designed in California, addresses all aspects of the problems surfers suffer while prone paddling. The two most common issues are back and neck stress and rib pain.

After years of listening to thousands of satisfied Ergo customers, we found that many of them only needed rib protection, especially those surfers doing multiple day surf adventures who would be in agony after a few days of charging two or three sessions a day.
Logo of the Rib Rocket by PaddleAir

So we have designed our newest product:

The Rib Rocket is a simple design that has strategically placed PVC foam padding sewn into areas where the ribs come in contact with the board during prone paddling. The padding is just enough to soften the impact where cartilage bone meets board and glass. We found that more surfers have been suffering rib pain because the new EPS epoxy boards that are much harder than traditional fiberglass resins. Rib Rocket addresses these problems and offers a comfortable solution for all that suffer from rib pain.

The Rib Rocket features a 2mm Neoprene front panel for stability and Lycra back for a fine fit with a cooler material for warm climates. Also, a board short loop connects the garment to trunks to prevent ride-up and a side draw string to snug the garment around the waist. Additionally, it provides 50 + UFP protection from the sun.

Rib Rocket by PaddleAir

Maintenance: Rinse with fresh water after every use and hang dry out of the sun.

Warrantee: All PaddleAir Products are guaranteed for one year from date of purchase.

Get Rib Rocket now at and experience pure rib pleasure.

Rib Rocket by PaddleAir

Disclaimer: This product should not be used as a flotation device. This product will not protect the user from injury and should not be used by anyone who has sustained injuries. This product will not provide back or neck stress relief or elevation. This product is designed as rib padding but will not protect ribs or the sternum from impacts. 
Surfing is a sport that requires physical conditioning and this product should not be used as a replacement for physical conditioning. Anyone participating in the sport of surfing or paddling should be in good physical condition and should not rely on this or any other device to replace physical conditioning.

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