Saturday, September 24, 2016

Byron Bay Longboards Now Surf Central Byron Bay

Old Byron Bay Longboards Logo
PaddleAir is stoked to announce that our long-time Australian dealer, Byron Bay Longboards, has updated its name to Surf Central Byron Bay.

They are still at the same central Byron Bay location and have the same phone number:
Surf Central Byron Bay
                   1/89 Jonson Street
                   Byron Bay, NSW 2481
                   view on map
                   tel: 02-66855244

With the name change comes a new Surf Central Byron Bay website at and a new e-mail address:

In addition, Surf Central Byron Bay is building their social media following on
Facebook and Twitter.

Although their new website is in the process of being complete, Surf Central Byron Bay promises that they remain a classic surf shop:
Surf Central prides ourself [sic] on retaining a classic surf shop feel and mentality and stay away from the up market trend type shops.
We are surfers and focus on supplying products for surfers first and foremost from the grommet to the older rippers.


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