Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Testimonial: Surfing with Rib Rocket in Indonesia

At PaddleAir we don't just say, "Paddle Longer, Surf Stronger," but we get letters proving the slogan. Here's a recent sample:

Hi Dave,

Just got back from Indonesia and had a fantastic week of overhead surf every day. The Rib Rocket was great as it kept my ribs and solar plexus from getting sore from two surf sessions per day for 7 straight days. In the past, by the 2nd day, I dreaded paddling due to bruised and sore ribs with just a rash guard. But with the Rib Rocket, I had no problems with sore ribs.

The only issue I had was the first day where I wore the Rib Rocket underneath my rash guard and got armpit rashes. So I switched it around and wore the Rib Rocket over my long sleeve rash guard and that solved the pit rash problem, a tip you may want to recommend.

I had several guys ask me what I was wearing and told them about it and they will be ordering one from you. One guy had a rash on his solar plexus and had to bandage it up to keep it from getting an infection but it still hurt him when he paddled. Another guy had sore ribs.

I can't thank you enough for this product because it is a rib saver and ultimately a surf trip saver. I attached a few pics that you may want to use as a reference and endorsement of the Rib Rocket.

By the way, maybe you can come up with something to protect the knee cap from getting chaffed from hitting the deck pad while duck diving or popping up so many times. I know I shouldn't be hitting my knees that much but a lot of us baby boomers get knee rashes. At 58 years old, I don't care much about how it looks just as long as it is functional and avoids an irritation or bad infection.

Best regards,
Kevin Raineri

Moreover, PaddleAir founder, Dave Hilts, listens to suggestions and incorporates them into his inventive designs such as the Rib Rocket.

Hi Kevin, 
Thanks for your feedback. The rash problem has been addressed and we have redesigned the armpit to open it up and eliminate rashing. Great shots! Can only say "wish I was there." We will post your photos and comments. 
Dave Hilts


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