Saturday, November 11, 2017

A Testimonial: Rocking a Rib Rocket Around the Globe

PaddleAir is a California based company, but its lines of the Ergo and Rib Rockets are used around the globe by surfers who want to paddle stronger and surf longer. Below is a testimonial from one such surfer, along with a reply to his suggestions from PaddleAir founder, Dave Hilts.
Hi Dave,

Thanks once again for a great product in the Rib Rocket...

I again went surfing for most of this year from Indo, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Taiwan and Philippines and had many guys ask me about the vest.

You might recall that I had the PaddleAir [Ergo] last year but I do find the Rib Rocket more comfortable in bigger surf as it doesn’t move around so much and the air tube can sometimes be annoying!!!!

Can you make a “short sleeve” rib rocket??? The vest gave me a severe rash under the arms, so I would often wear a short sleeve rashy and then wear the RR over the top, tho I do regularly surf 6/8 hour sessions straight.

The long sleeve can be good but also can be a bit hot in the tropics and after surfing for 16 plus months in two years, surfing most days, I get plenty of time to think about my equipment and offer this feed back . I hope you don’t mind?
Anyway let me know and thanks once again.


Todd - Blinky
Todd 'Blinky' Surfing in a Rib Rocket by PaddleAir

Hi Todd,
Thanks for sending the great shot. You are living the dream surfing some of the best spots on the planet and by the looks of the photo doing it really well. I am aware of the arm rashing and we did make the latest batch with a bit bigger arm hole but have not got any feedback on if it was an improvement. We now have Rib Rockets in white in a vest and a long sleeve, the later may be a good call for you. Thanks again for the comments and photo.

Keep Charging!

Dave Hilts

Editor Note: The Long Sleeve Rib Rocket in Tropic White/Gray may be a cooler solution for the hot sun of summer and the tropics than a short sleeve because the white sleeves and back reflect the sunlight and provide U.V.B. 50+ protection. No need to wear sun screen!


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