Wednesday, May 29, 2019

PaddleAir in Lanzarote and Sri Lanka: A Testimonial

PaddleAir has helped surfers around the globe to overcome the pains of paddling a surfboard, no matter which ocean generates the waves. This testimonial from an Internal Surfing Association (I.S.A.) instructor shows how PaddleAir has helped surfers in both the Indian and Atlantic oceans.

Tim Jones doing a hand Drag in an Ergo
Tim Jones doing a hand drag in an Ergo (click to enlarge)
Hi PaddleAir,

Just a note to say how impressed I have been with the Ergo Vest I’ve been using over the last few years. Suffering as many of us do with disc issues in the lower back and neck it’s been a really great aid to me when things get painful and paddling is hard to handle. In fact my surfing is not the regular occasional session...I’m 61 now but I’ve been coaching surfing from beginner to WQS level for 37 year now and although I have great instructors at both my schools Surf School Sri Lanka and Surf School , Canary Islands [Spain]. I still coach a’s fun and I get to coach my coaches too.

So on some weeks, especially in the tropical waters of Sri Lanka I might get a solid 13 or 14 hours in the water. I don’t have to use my Ergo Indo model ..and old model I think ..all the time but I’m so glad it’s there when I need it. So now I’m going to get a Rib Rocket as with good physio the back is kind of under control but the ribs are shot with some kind of a bursa on one side. The least of my worries at 61 years of age and 52 years behind me.

But for me the coolest thing is to introduce the PaddleAir to other surfers on our courses. We do lots of intermediate coaching and often with older surfers whose spines are creaking a bit and I can even get the chance to loan it to them if their size is right. I’m sure I will be doing the same with the Rib Rocket.

So a super cool and well made piece of equipment and please keep up the great work and development.

Ciao Tim

Tim Jones... Director.

I.S.A Course Presenter Sri Lanka.
tel: 0094 764 791 638
0094 754 726 844 (WhatsApp only)

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