Wednesday, June 13, 2012

PaddleAir User Has a Sternum Question

Paddling a surfboard can be a painful experience -- back pain, sore ribs, rashes and more befall surfers of all ages. PaddleAir received this letter from an Australian surfer who incurred a kayaking injury that affected his ability to paddle his surfboard until he got  PaddleAir Ergo. But he still has sternum problems that can probably be helped only by surgery. Below is his letter and a question that our  surfing readers may be able to help him with:
Hi There,

About a year ago I purchased a PaddleAir Ergo from you. It's allowed me to go surfing again.

A few years ago I went over a waterfall in a kayak and broke the end of my
sternum (xiphoid), it now sticks out of my chest. I didn't surf for a couple
of years because of the pain associated with lying on my board. Since I got
my PaddleAir I've been able to surf again, although for only short

After visiting many doctors they are finally suggesting cutting the end of
my sternum off. This appears to be quite rare -- no doctor I have seen has
ever done it and I'm obviously pretty nervous about it.

I'm keen to talk to anyone who has ever had a similar problem and was
wondering if anyone has ever contacted you who has broken their sternum.

Kind regards
Andrew Gregory
So if you have had a similar problem, write your comments below or send them to us via our PaddleAir contact form and he will relay your comments to him.

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