Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Surfers Share Their PaddleAir Experiences

Nothing beats a testimonial from the surfers who actually use a PaddleAir to demonstarate how helpful the product is for them.  Below are just two recent reviews of the PaddleAir Ergo to make the point.


On a trip to Costa Rica in 2011 I had a great time, but after seven extended surf sessions in three days, my ribs were toast. I never had that experience before, at least where things were that painful. Unfortunately as we age...stuff happens.

So when planning for our 2012 trip to CR, buying a PaddleAir Ergo was part of my plans. I didn't use it during the first couple of sessions (my mistake), but then my ribs started to get sore. Without question the PaddleAir Ergo saved my trip. It was worth EVERY penny. I would have been on the beach the last two days without it. Was incredibly comfortable, not awkward at all, and easy to use.

By the end of the trip everybody wished they had one. And I know one of the guys did come home and order one! The PaddleAir will always be part of my travel gear. Always!!

Thanks for a great well-made product that works as advertised!

Earl Shores

P.S. Only suggestion would be a tie loop in the front.

Very Happy with Your Product

Just back from a week long trip to mainland Mexico. Used my Ergo every day surfing a long point break where the paddles can be 200 yards at times. My back has been trashed in the past there with so much paddling but not this trip.

Excellent product. I'm a believer. I also use it with my paddleboard.

Bob Gregory

You can check out these and other testimonials on the PaddleAir website.  And remember, you don't have to be on a trip to the sunny shores of Mexico or Costa Rica to take advantage of a PaddleAir -- a PaddleAir can help you paddle your surfboard longer and stronger anytime, anywhere.

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