Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Board Rider Reviews ERGO

Independent reviews of a product are always the most valuable to the potential user and we at PaddleAir think the following video review by Lorezo Diaz of the Board Riders Review makes a good case for getting an Ergo.

In the description of video on YouTube and Vimeo, Lorenzo writes:
... We tested it in big surf, small surf, on longboards and shortboards. And we were stoked with it! On those big surf days I stayed fresh my whole session by not burning extra energy arching my back scratching over the big sets and keeping an eye on the horizon. Duck diving was not impeded at all, We didn't even notice it knee paddling in full crouch on longboards. So if you have any upper body soreness or injuries then this is a must if you want to keep surfing.

Wow, thanks Lorezo. We're stoked about your review!

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