Friday, July 12, 2013

Subject: Great Product

No matter what your age, surfing is a sport that can really challenge your body. Back, neck, shoulder strain and rib cage pain are just a few of the burdens afflicting surfers everywhere. Just the act of paddling out to catch a wave can become a real bummer if your in pain. Here's a testimonial about the PaddleAir Ergo and how it has helped one California surfer not only paddle stronger but surf longer!

I bought this for myself for Christmas and finally got to use it today. I'm 65 and my ribs & sternum were getting bruised so I was stuffing foam pads under my wet suit to help. It really didn't do much.

This vest is easy to put on, adjust the pressure and solved the problem 100%. It rides up if you're off your board in the but it is to be expected with something filled with air. It's easy to readjust after getting back on your board. Finally there is no dread of getting bruised and unable to surf on a second day.

It may be my imagination but with the strain off your back it feels like I have more paddling power.
This vest is worth every penny & thank you so much for developing it!

Jim D.

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